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Deploying to Weblogic in Eclipse

Question asked by mlaverd on Jan 31, 2008
Hello folks,

My requirements are to be running my application in Weblogic 9.2 (eventually 10). I'm using Alfresco for its UI and its storage back-end, and I have some custom buisness logic that interact with it via web services.

Now, I can run Alfresco in Weblogic using the steps from the Wiki (unzip the WAR, change some config, deploy the directory). However, when I zip it back, put it in an Eclipse project and try to deploy it, I am unable to connect to the web service.

And I tried importing the full directory structure, but Eclipse gives me many red Xs, and won't let me deploy…

So, how am I supposed to do this? I am not finding anything useful here, did anyone ever try such a set-up?