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what does dialog:close do and how can i intervene?

Question asked by netos on Jan 31, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2008 by gavinc

i am currently changing the logic of how associations are handled so that a user can go from modifying a content's properties to modifying the association's properties with a single click.

i did that by adding an action link instead of the path to the association, and gave the path as the link to show. the parameters to the action link were exactly like in the action details_doc in web-client-config-action.

all works great but the problem is that when i press close after modifying the association's properties, i go back to the space i was in and not to the properties of the content that owns the association.(where i came from).
if i don't modify the properties the first click on close does nothing and the second one takes you back to the space as before.

i tried to figure out the logic behind dialog:close and couldn't find anything.

any help would be appreciated.

thx, netanel.