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How to raise a dialog from JavaScript?

Question asked by markusd on Jan 31, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2008 by slothrop
Hello there,

I'm new on Alfresco, so my question may look a little bit silly.

I intend to make a custom action which could be seen e.g. in the 'more actions' menu and which executes the following:
1. Copy the document to another folder;
2. Add an aspect to this copy;
3. Raise the 'Details Edit' dialog to motivate the user to fill in the added aspect properties;

I've successfully registered this action, it's visible in the menu, and it calls a script, which executes the copy and the addAspect. But I don't know how to raise the dialog. Is it possible to do this from JavaScript?

Or am I going a totally wrong way and there ist another, more common solution?

Thanks in advance