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currency formatter

Question asked by laki on Apr 12, 2009

I wasn't able to find this functionality, so I assume it doesn't exist in Alfresco (correct me if I'm wrong).

I have an aspect which holds currency value (amount). I'm storing this data as double value but then when the amount is large enough, it starts displaying number in scientific notation. I would like to have number formated as currency. Also, I would like to have javascript code that will format the amount upon entering it - for example: on entering 25000 -> 25.000,00.
Number would be stored as double value in the database, but upon retrieving it and displaying, it would be displayed as 25.000,00 €. Currency simbol is not that important but the default could be read from system locale.

Did anybody do something similar? How are you guys storing currency values in repository? I couldn't find any examples of the right way to do this in alfresco.