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How to read the content using webscript or javascript API

Question asked by tamilraj2003 on Feb 1, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2008 by tejashpatel
I am evaluating Alfresco Community Edition 2.9B.

I have created a web project and using few web forms I have created my content XML files. I don't want to use the alfresco rendition capability in the 'create content' wizard, instead I want to create my HTML output by parsing the content deployed to my LIVE repository. 

I am planning to use web scripts. Is it possible to access my repository content from web script? if so how. (There is no details on about this)

Also is it possible for me to get the JavaScript API, like regular JavaDoc (with frames, indexes) instead of I am trying to see how to do content reading, I couldn't find it there.