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cross upgrade 2.1 windows to linux 3labs

Question asked by napata on Apr 13, 2009
I want to cross-upgrade from Windows version 2.1 to linux 3 labs and move from a PC to a webserver.
1. I cannot get the version number other than alfresco 2.1 in the read me txt.
2. I cannot export as this appears to be the version where 'export' does not work.
3. I have spent several hours trawling through the support pages with no luck , yes, I may have missed something.

I read somewhere that I should move first using identical version number and then upgrade. However I can't tell which version my windows corresponds to i.e. 2.1.5 or 2.1.6 etc?
My suspicion is that I should restore mysql in the new site and copy old alf-data files into the new site. But perhaps not?

Can someone suggest something?