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Question asked by anuragjain on Apr 15, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2009 by steffen

I am new to Alfresco and was looking at Alfresco Explorer. Following are few of my questions and it would be helpful to know the answers of the same.

Ø      Is deleting a single version of a document supported or the whole document version tree always gets deleted? Deleting using CIFS will delete the whole version tree?

Ø      Is content also deleted from server after a delete operation? Can it be recovered? Can it be removed totally to free space? Not able to find Manage deleted Items link in Labs 3?

Ø      How can a user import / export multiple documents at a time using web? If a zip file is imported it can explode and add all the contents individually but how can the metadata be set for all the documents then? Zip file also resides in repository hence adding to the space which contains the same content. How to change the content type of the document to custom one like Marketing document, whitepaper etc

Ø      Are all operations single select? Can’t multiple documents be checked in or deleted in a go?

Ø      How does a user import or versions a document using WebDAV?

Ø      How can content type and metadata set using CIFS import? Properties page doesn’t allow changing content type.

Ø      If all the metadata is store in ALF_NODE_PROPERTIES table, wont it cause performance issues?

Ø      So all metadata of type String will be stored in STRING_VALUE in ALF_NODE_PROPERTIES of size VARCHAR(1024)? All length validations will be done by Java REGEX?

Ø      Advance search by default searches on title, content, categories, creation date etc. For searching on custom metadata and content models, does it require customization? Will the performance be affected?

Ø      Search out of the box also does a content search i.e. full text search. Which all formats does it support?

Ø      Although the content model is extendable, if an attribute is added in release 1.0 to a custom document type and in release 2.0 another attribute is added to the same custom document type, how will all the previous records be updated or defaulted to a value? Will it require migrations?

Ø      How does CIFS work or perform over WAN?

Ø      Are only 4 transformation supported Out of the Box – Microsoft Power Point to Flash, HTML to PDF, HTML to JPEG image, PDF to Text Document?  Can’t other formats be converted to PDF default mainly office like Word, Powerpoint etc?