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Unable to get custom property value through Javascript

Question asked by stallapragada on Apr 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2009 by nikes

I am having a javascript to extract the custom properties of a document when it is being added to Alfresco. I have a requirement to auto folder this document in a folder that is dynamically created based on the custom property of this document. So, I defined a rule and am having a javascript executed wheneever a document belonging to this type is being added to Alfresco. I have the following code snippet in my javascript that is returning null due to which the folder creation process is failing.

var empId =["dc:eId"];

Whereas, when I try to get the name of the document, I am able to get it using the following code.

var docName =["name"];

What I am failing to understand is that I am able to set the custom property from "Add Content" wizard. I can see the value of the same after the document is added. Also, I am able to search the document based on the custom property. The only thing that is failing is the retrieval of this property value by the javascript.

Any clues?

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