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Error in TextAreaGenerator if more than 1000 characters

Question asked by ribz33 on Feb 5, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2008 by gavinc

i did a custom "LargeMultilingualTextAreaGenerator" based on MultilingualTextAreaGenerator with more rows and colums in order to allow user to type bigger text. This textarea is used in edit properties dialog.

If user type more than average 1000 characters i have error :
Could not execute JDBC batch update

Im using an Oracle database and it seems that string_value in alf_attributes is limited to 1024 characters (attributes.hbm.xml). So i want to find a way to alert contributor that he is limited to 1000 characters.

What is easy way to do that ?
Can i configure that somewhere (in model ?, in web-client-config ?) ? Can i do easily a javascript ?
Have you any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance.