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Alfresco Upgrade 2.1 to 3.0

Question asked by jarrett on Apr 15, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2009 by jarrett

I ran into some errors while migrating/ upgrading to 3.0 from 2.1. I followed the General Upgrade Process located at and all seemed to work well until tomcat was restarted and patches were being applied to the system.

I restarted with Index Recovery set to full, and there was nine nodes with reported integrity errors. I have resolved most of the issues and I am ready to give the upgrade/ migration another shot but there is some errors I cannot get around (yet).

1 ERROR [repo.version.VersionMigrator] Skipping migration of: workspace://lightWeightVersionStore/5b10e1d9-2815-11dd-ad3d-175d78575ccd
org.alfresco.service.cmr.dictionary.DictionaryException: A single-valued property of this type may not be a collection:
   Property: Name: {}MarketSegments
Title: Market Segments
Description: null
Default Value: null
DataType Name: {}text
ContainerClass Name: {}CustomDocumentDetails
isMultiValued: false
isMandatory: true
isMandatoryEnforced: false
isProtected: false
isIndexed: true
isStoredInIndex: false
isIndexedAtomically: true
indexTokenisationMode: TRUE

   Type: {}text
   Value: [Vendor, Consumer]

2 User:System ERROR [admin.patch.PatchExecuter] java.lang.RuntimeException: Node without parents does not have root aspect: workspace://version2Store/0d83afaa-b8e1-48b3-b8ab-5d00cd4c8f02

The cause of both errors are fairly self-explanatory but I am not sure how to resolve them safely or correctly.

The first error is caused by the fact that a multiselect was changed to a single select. The second error was caused by the fact that somehow a document was checked out, and the original document was deleted leaving the working copy orphaned. I have yet to find the original document anywhere in our repository or the deleted repository.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.