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Problem in displaying folders and contents

Question asked by bgl on Feb 5, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2008 by bgl

After an installation of a machine, I have restored a previously saved alf_data folder and the corresponding database. Tomcat was stopped with no problem before the saving was done.

Alfresco then started but I couldn't find some folders or documents. I've checked directly in the file system : they are here ! I have checked the db (sql file) : they are here !

What is really strange is that I can see missing folders in the navigation plugin (on the left). Moreover, using the node explorer in administration console, I can see all files and folders that are not displayed in main area that displays the items.

Anyone has already met such a thing ? how it is possible those components supply different results ?

My version of Alfresco is 2.1.

thank you !