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IndexInfo timestamps and rsync

Question asked by gus on Feb 5, 2008

I'm trying to backup my alf_data directory to a remote server using rsync and I've found a strange little problem. By default rsync won't examine the contents of a file (to look for differences) if the timestamp and the file size are the same on the source and destination. The problem is that something is updating the contents of my IndexInfo files (on the source machine) without changing the timestamp, so rsync isn't syncing them. I can override rsync's default behaviour with the –ignore-times flag but the sync then takes significantly longer.

An example file where this is happening is: /alfresco/alf_data/lucene-indexes/avm/kb–admin/IndexInfo

So, my questions are: Why aren't the timestamps getting updated and can I change that behaviour? If this is known behaviour is it limited to the "avm" directory branch?