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Upload file as a new association

Question asked by hbf on Feb 5, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2008 by gavinc

I need to replace the Web Client's standard association component – the one with the Seach text field, the Search button, the Add To List button, and the list of current associations – with a custom one that allows the user to upload a file "in place" (and not associate an existing one).

This would look as follows:
1. Locate content to upload: <Browse button>
2. <Upload button>

Selected Items
Foo <Trash icon>
Bar <Trash icon>

Could somebody give me a high-level advice of what options I have and how best to proceed?

I am using Alfresco Community 2.1 (but could switch to 2.9lab). I see the following options but am not sure whether they indeed all apply:

1. Use JSP/JSF as in this post. But what about the tomahauk thing mentioned there?
2. Use Alfresco Forms (but: can I use this for non-WCM nodes? could I use ECM forms?)

If possible, I would be interested in developing this as an AMP and make it general enough as to

* support child and non-child associations
* allow the programmer to specify which association to use (in contrast to hard-coding it)
* maybe: allow the programmer to specify the (sub)type to which to specialize the newly uploaded file

Many thanks,

P.S. I am not the first with this need. Maybe somebody has already a solution for this that he/she could share?