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Alfresco Integration

Question asked by david.skuben on Feb 6, 2008
let me introduce myself, my name is David Skuben from Slovakia.
I worked in IT department in one slovak medial company. I am looking for
our company some CMS especially WCM system and try to integrate it to our exist
web page based on java (wicket framework). I should make demo form for my boss.
I found this project, read feature list and watch trial demo. So I am decided to build demo version for my boss
with Alfresco CMS.
I would like to ask you about integration Alfresco with our exist web page.
Our architecture is basic 3-layer based on Java with UI based on Wicket client framework. Now all content in current web page
is generated by our service layer which reflect our business logic. We want put new part(section) in our web page (for exmaple div, frame, iframe),
and content of it should come from CMS system. So in Alfresco user will make content article with real content and design (it will be based on workflow),
and when he finish workflow for example with state publish, new content will be in our page, in section like news, and when you clik on it's header
you can see whole article.
So for exmaple 90 % of content our web page will be generated from our service and 10 % from Alfresco. We plan have same UI framework(Wicket), but
wicket component will use not our service but Alfresco service. That's idea.
I would like to ask you which API should I use to realise that. Or is it possible with Alfresco make this?
I read about API that you provide but I am not sure which one will be the best for our demo project.
1. Web services API - we don't want to use it, because possible performance problem.
I read about Content Service API, but I don't know if is it the right way.

Please help me.
Thanks you for your soon reply.[/img]