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Records Management - getting started

Question asked by boneill on Apr 17, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2009 by jonc
Hi All,

I need to get an understanding of the records managment suite over the next few weeks and need advice on how to get up to speed quicly.

I have read the wiki: and listened to the webinar.

The user guide talks about a number of docs and test data that should be loaded with the records management amp:  see below.
This was not loaded when I installed the amp.  (running 3.1 enterprise). 

Is there more doco I can find on the RM suite, what is the best approach for learning about it, where can I find the sample data and docs as mentioned in the wiki from.



The DOD 5015.2 test suite is made available as an example of how to use the Alfresco records management module. Test data is automatically loaded after MMT on the AMP file, and restarting the alfresco server.

Go to the "Company Home"
There you will see Records Space.
This contains:

DOD Records Space - file plans laid out based upon the 5015.2 test suite
A Transfer Space - area for files to be transferred or archived
A User Space - for the users specified in the 5015.2 test suite
And as contents:

A PDF file description of the DOD 5015.2 specification
A word file containing the DOD 5015.2 test plan