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TinyMCE and Images

Question asked by mvlach on Feb 7, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2008 by mvlach

I'm trying to find some things about the images, but not succesfull. When I create a content (filling the web form) I would like to insert a image from my sanbox to the body.

When I insert the image (i.e. /content/images/news1.png) in the tinyMCE is displayed "broken image link". On the WCM (virtual tomcat) is image rendered good. But in the tinyMCE not. When I try to update the filled form, the broken image is not shown and the image is not editable.

How to solve this problem? I need to use the sandbox, not the absolute link to the because of the concept of the sanboxes.

Thanks Mila