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SOLVED FreeMarker neasted value :(

Question asked by joksy on Apr 17, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2009 by joksy
HI to everybody,

I m new to this templating language, and of course it easy encounter some problem.
Ok I post the piece of code,

<#assign Months = {"Gennaio":"01"}+{"Febbraio":"02"}+{"Marzo":"03"}+{"Aprile":"04"}+{"Maggio":"05"}

<p style="margin-left:35%; font-size:14px; "> Emissioni di oggi: ${date?string("d MM yyyy")}</p>

<#if companyhome.childByNamePath["Emissioni"]?exists>

<#list companyhome.childByNamePath["Emissioni"].children as x>

<#list x.children as y>
<#assign name_month =>
<#list y.children as doc>
   ${["cm:created"]?date?string("d MM yyyy")}<br>
   ${date?string("d MM yyyy")}
   <#if["cm:created"]?date?string("d MM yyyy") = date?string("d MM yyyy")>
      are equals : ${} <br>
         Tema dell emissione: ${["{}Tema"]}
      are not equals : ${} <br>


The problem araise when i m try to get the value of another assignation for get from the hash the value ,

<#assign name_month =>

The previous attempts was, but simply tell me that Months.name_moth does not exist, and of course is true. so can i solve this situation.

<#assign name_month =>

Thanks a lot

Best Regards