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Detail Screen: List property with association

Question asked by burriad on Apr 17, 2009

I am trying to achieve the following: on a space, I want to add a multi-valued property which shall be displayed in the web client as a list. Since text properties don't work well (line breaks are ignored), I try to come up with a real list, implemented as child association as follows:

<type name="my:listEntry">
   <property name="my:entryText">

<aspect …>
        <child-association name="my:list-assoc">

Now the problem is that nothing is displayed in the web-client, even with the <show-child-association> Tag present. I am not really surprised, but I can't figure out the steps I have to take to make my new type displayable in the webclient, and furthermore in an association as shown above.

I have the faint idea to try it with a mixture of custom Converter and Generator classes, but I have no clue how exactly. Could someone help me out here? Or tell me a better approach to the problem of displaying a list of strings for a property on the client altogether? Help would be appreciated and rewarded with a point  :wink: