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Mixing authentication (LDAP and native)

Question asked by theorbix on Feb 8, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2008 by theorbix

I know the question may sound stupid, but is it possible to define one or more Alfresco user accounts that are authenticated against a corporate directory service, and (in the same installation) other user accounts that are authenticated using the internal password?

My corporate IT department has set up a test Alfresco system, where all users are authenticated using the corporate directory service via LDAP.

The problem is that there are one or more remote users that will never be defined into the corporate LDAP, and that it need to access the Alfresco repository.

Would it be possible to create these non-LDAP users in the Alfresco user directory?

Or, once the LDAP authentication is enabled, ALL Alfrsco users must be "mapped" against the LDAP server?