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Copy and Paste odd behaviour in 3.1

Question asked by scottf on Apr 18, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2009 by scottf
I am using ENT 3.1 on a windows xp platform and am trying to copy and paste and item (in this case an html page) from one folder in my web project to another folder in the same web project using the explore client.

This I have no problem doing. I simply use the copy icon for that particular asset to add it to the clipboard, then I navigate to the folder I want to copy in to and select the past item option.

My question is:
When I now go to edit that copied page using the "edit" icon it opens up the content for editing using the web form is was originally created with, as expected.
The problem however is that any changes I make are reflected back in the original page in the original folder, not in the copied version I am trying to make changes to.

This can't be the expected behaviour, is it?

If it is the expected behaviour then how is a user supposed to be able to make a copy of page and then edit only the copied page and not the original?

Any insight would be appreciated.