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Create, edit and view content from SURF

Question asked by mmalczewski on Apr 19, 2009

I am thinking of using SURF and Alfresco for my application. The idea is to create wiki-like community site. However, data needs to be structured and constrained, using particular parts of data as search criteria is required. So typical wiki won't fit. I thaught of xwiki, but my requirement is that modifications of guest users need to be moderated by content manager and xwiki does not support it. So I am thinking of Alfresco as data store: I will use it for moderation purposes (newly created version will have to be approved by manager) and  custom properties for search purposes.

I don't want however to reinvent the wheel. Since Alfresco can render XForms in its WebClient, I don't want to write custom forms/webscripts to create and edit data in my SURF application. I would like to have component that would render appropriate forms for editing content stored in Alfresco. It is however required that content is edited inline, without having to log in to any sort of management panel.  Is it possible, or am I totally on the wrong track?