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Alfresco and Portal system

Question asked by craig1980 on Feb 8, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2008 by mliedtke
Hi all.

We have this scenario: we want to use Alfresco as Content Managment and build our portal using Liferay.

We'ld like to have the Alfresco CMS on a server and publish alfresco contents in Liferay pages. We have downloaded these files:


  • alfresco-portlet-
We have unzipped the Liferay portal and then we have deploied the alfresco portlet.

Now it seems that the alfresco portlet is the full CMS in a portlet and here we can put and handle our contents.

It seems that there is no "alfresco client portlet" that can get contents form alfresco repository and show these contents in our portal pages.
Is this correct?
If this is correct….Does anyone know if there is any open-source project that covers this scenario?

Thanks to all.
Angelo Immediata