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Liferay + Alfressco without using Single Sign On (SSO)

Question asked by vhakkal on Feb 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2010 by dward

I am new to both Lifray and Alfressco.

I am trying to integrate Liferay + Alfresco WITHOUT using SSO (Single Sign On).  I will be using an LDAP to authenticate. I have followed the instructions, but I am having the following concerns/issues.

1. I was wondering if the same instructions would apply to Liferay 4.4.x.
2. Is it possible to not to use the user’s email address but instead use the  username(screen name) from Liferay and pass that off to Alfresco. Looking the following files WEB-INF/portal.xml

            Could I possibility use a sceenName instead of the email? And what would the property value I use? or is there a better why of passing the credential between Liferay and Alfresco, like basic authentication.

This want to have Liferay pass in the username (screen name) with password into alfresco, is it possibly without using SSO?