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Problem in mapping a space to local drive

Question asked by ganesh.boil on Apr 22, 2009
Hi Team,
I'm facing a problem with mapping a space to the local drive.
What i did is, I just installed Alfresco ECM in my C:\ drive i.e c:\alfresco is the home directory of alfresco.
And i ran the alf_start and logged in successfully into alfresco with admin and admin.
Now i just created a space named with "Users Home" and inside "Users Home" i have created one more space named with "ganesh".
Now i want to map this space(ganesh) to my local drive.
For that i have followed the document available at

I opened the Windows explorer ->Tools -> Mapping drive
and i have choosen a different drive name and given the following as part of folder option

\\<my computer name>_a\alfresco\User Homes\ganesh

But it is showing the following error

The network path \\<my computer name>_a\alfrescoCompany Home\User Homes\ganesh

Is it the right path?? or i need to add something as prefix any help is appriciated.