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Charset problem when posting

Question asked by cloisel on Apr 22, 2009
Good morning everyone,

I have the following bug:

I wrote a webscript (post method) which enables to write an html file using Yahoo Rich Editor Text and record the file onto Alfresco repository. It works ok except for charset encoding (accentued letters are malformed). I have to display the form page using iso-8859-1 and submit in order to record correctly the accentued letters. Then, I can correctly watch my html file using utf-8 encoding………….? If I display the form page using default utf-8 encoding, the result html file will show iso-8859-1 characters. It's quite like, on the form page, it's using iso-8859-1 instead of utf-8 even if I specified everywhere 'utf-8'.

My database is encoded in utf-8 unicode, I put all charsets to 'utf-8' (which is the default one) in my .html.ftl page (form & meta).

I saw a JIRA items on this problem ( However, the fix doesn't seem to work. Downloaded the fix package, applied it, and tried with /service and /wcservice. Both are giving the same result: like before the patch. Perhaps, I've done something wrong.

-Unzipped the patch
-Added the class to /WEB-INF/classes
-Added the class to /WEB-INF/lib/alfresco-web-client.jar
-Deleted work and temp folders
-Restarted Tomcat
–> Same result

Anyone have any ideas?