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WCM of Alfresco folders

Question asked by daniele001 on Feb 12, 2008
I need a suggestion and I think that this should be the right forum.

My problem is this, I've a enterprise intranet portal based on .net technology. My portal webfarm is based on 4 concurrent webservers

I need to publish documents that my users will upload in Alfresco folders, with the related metadata on portal pages.

In the past I used Documentum Site Caching services that exported me folder content in each of the web servers and I had a index in SQL server with metadata to present content to my users via XSL.

I'm pretty confused to undestand how I can achieve this with Alfresco WCM.
I think to create a Web Project specifying in the "Deploy to" field the servers I need to populate, but how:
1) I can get metadata of the content?
2) how I can automate this process like to run for example every 2 hours?

Thanks for your suggestions

Kind regards