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Alfresco and JSR 168 portlet integration

Question asked by ankurbadoni on Apr 22, 2009
Dear All,

I have been tasked to find an open source solution for WCM, and integrate it with JSR 168 portlet running on JBoss Portal. I am new to Alfresco and would appreciate any help. Please provide links if available, for reference.

1. WCM: Alfresco Labs 3.0
2. Portal Server: JBoss 2.7
3. Portlet JSR 168.
4. Database:  MySql

The portlets will need to pick static published content, and display them as per metadata (like published date). The metadata of content needs to be stored in Database. The Database is accessible to Alfresco and Portal. Alfresco and JBoss Portal are running on seperate servers (tomcat and JBoss respectively).

1. What is the best strategy to access the published contents given the above scenario. 2. There is a requirement to publish forms on the portlet. Can these be created in Alfresco(through some xForm utility) and published.
    (Example: Vehicle registeration form.)
3. How can features like document search be implemented for published content like PDF files. Further, can Access control be inforced through wcm of Alfresco in such situations.
4. Can Rivlet Logic portlets be used? If yes, then how?

Any help is appreciated, :)

Best Regards,