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Eclipse JCR AlfrescoTomcatBundle

Question asked by joe.l3 on Apr 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2009 by alexcipr80
Hi all.

I'm new here. I want to post a question about Eclipse - JCR - Alfresco (TomcatBundle) integration.
I've installed a preconfigured Alfresco-Tomcat bundle (alfresco-labs-tomcat-3Stable) and I've configured Alfresco-SDK into my Eclipse (alfresco-labs-sdk-3Stable).
Now I want to develop JCR-based application in my Eclipse Workbench but first I want to test FirstFoundationClient JCR sample. To do this I must:

1. Shutdown Alfresco in Tomcat bundle
2. Run the FirstFoundationClient as java application into Eclipse
3. Restart Alfresco in Tomcat bundle (…long time…)
4. Open Alfresco Web Client to verify new content creating

This process takes too long !!!
In fact,
suppose that I modify FirstFoundationClient java code into Eclipse. For example I add a new node named "mickeyMouse".
To test out my java code modifications I must to run stop/restart Alfresco every time !!!

Is there a quick way to test out my Eclipse java code modifications without stopping and restarting my Alfresco Tomcat bundle every time?
Is JCR JNDI adapter a possible solutions?

Thanks all and sorry for my english.