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Full-text Search in Cluster

Question asked by mrinmoy.khamrui on Apr 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2009 by openpj
I am evaluating Alfresco and as I was going through the documentation I had a doubt how full-text search works within a cluster in the following scenarios.

1. There are two nodes in a cluster - node-A and node-B. Both nodes share a shared content store and shared database. A new content got created by node-A and both metadata and full-text index got created and stored in node-A. Because of ehcache synchronization, the Lucene index for metadata is node-B as well. Now the question is does node-B creates the full-text index as well for the same content? If not any full text search request in node-B will fail eventually.

2. There are two nodes in a cluster each having their own primary content store and replicates the contents to a central secondary content store. In such scenario, as there is no way for the content which got created by node-A being accessible by node-B, it seems the full text search hitting node-B will not be able to give proper results.

I am little confused over these and any help will be highly appreciated.

Mrinmoy Khamrui