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Order of aspect properties retrieved with Alfresco WS.

Question asked by ashved on Apr 23, 2009

We are developing web application which uses alfresco as content storage (main goal of it, to use alfresco advanced work flows). We accessing alfresco content from our application through alfresco Web Services. In our application we should display form for document upload (after form submit document is stored in alfresco with WS and our aspect should be applied to it). We are using one of our custom content types for this document. On our form we should display aspect properties in some specified order (best of all in same order them are defined in alfresco xml file).

We use WebServiceFactory.getDictionaryService().getClasses() method to get definition of our aspect. But this method for our aspect returns properties in some random order (not one them are defined in xml).

Is there some way to control aspect properties order in which alfresco WS return them for us?

Also I have noticed that on Alfresco UI fields of our aspect on document properties page are displayed in same order them are defined.

Thank You in advance.