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Asynchronous external tasks

Question asked by ftoth on Feb 13, 2008

I would like to set up a workflow that triggers a task external to Alfresco.
I know that jBPM supports "asynchronous continuations", but it's not
clear to me how this would work within Alfresco.

Has anyone tackled this?

What the Alfresco user might see:

1. Start a workflow as usual
2. Workflow ends up in "external process is running" wait state.
3. This state is viewable in "my tasks"
4. When the external process completes (1 minute or 1 hour or 1 day later),
the user's task list shows "completed".

Of course, buried in all this is the question of what sort of communication
happens from within Alfresco to the external task, both outgoing
(Alfresco triggers external task) and incoming (task tells Afresco
that it's done).

Any advice would be appreciated.