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Defining and selecting several actors in a workflow

Question asked by amenel on Apr 23, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2009 by amenel
Hi all,
Some things about workflows under Alfresco have been puzzling me for quite a time now: when starting a lifecycle review and approve workflow, I can select a user as "Reviewer" but is it possible to define a workflow with several actors ? Will there be a user selection widget per actor (role) ?

For instance, I have a business process in which a "writer" receives a request initated by someone. The writer writes the corresponding documentation, which, before going public, need to be read by an "editor", who may forward the content to the "publisher" or return it to the writer for some rewriting. The publisher formats the documentation according to the currently active publishing standards.

Since there are several people who can stand as "writer", "reader" or "publisher", it would be good to choose who will be the "writer", etc. at the moment the workflow is created, just as in the lifecycle example, the "reviewer" is selected at creation. Is it possible with Alfresco ? Is it possible in general workflow management ? How come "Reviewer" appears on the page ? How is that configured ?