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Implementig a Wiki in Alfreso

Question asked by alberto on Feb 14, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2008 by tcaiati

I have just put up a test server with Alfresco to analyze its capabilities as CMS (just yesterday so I do not have much feedback jet). It would be for a small company, just 6 employees. We would also would like to set up a wiki to put together in a repository our combined knowledge (whatever small that may be :) ). The question at hand is if it can be easily done with Alfresco. I'm sure it can be done but allow me to elaborate a little. Some of the people at the office are not high on technology if you know what I mean. Regular wikis seems too complicated with their requirements for specific syntax and so on. I would like to keep that power but making it easy for whoever do not want to use it.
I have done a quick install of Deki Wiki. It seems to work in a simple enough way for all to use it. However, we do not want to end up with too many separated systems. We already have a collaboration suite for email, calendar and so on.
In conclusion, does Alfresco have any sort of module or similar that can be that easy for creating a wiki? I have seen some of the presentation on the community site and I know it could be created, however I'm looking for something more in line with deploying and run time of situation.
Sorry for the long post but I thought I needed to explain myself.
By the way so far what we are looking at in terms of CMS look amazing.
Thank you for your time.