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Changing mail sender of invitation and notification

Question asked by wahyono on Feb 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2010 by thaspesl
Hi All,

When i invite people to specific space system ask to send email to user who invited, when i choose Yes then system send an email to invited user where From:, how can i change mail sender (i.e to specific mail (i.e alfresco@domain.tld) ?

i changed mail.from.default = alfresco.domain.tld but still doesn´t woks.

changing web-client-config-custom.xml    
<!– Example of overriding the from email address –>

still doesn´t work

changing web-client-config.xml script like:

       <!– the from address to use when sending emails from the client –>

but still doesn´t work.

Please help me what and where does the file should be edit ?

best regards,