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Display output in JSP from webscriprt

Question asked by nikes on Apr 24, 2009
Latest reply on May 5, 2009 by openpj
Hello folks,

I have to migrate from Filenet to Alfresco.

We have struts application that interacts with Filenet using Filenet API.

After reading about Alfresco repository API it all recommends WebScripts, however webscropts has its own presentation technique (Presentation in Freemarker). But I want just data to be fetched from Alfresco and display it on our existing Struts application which displays data in particular CSS format.

Is it possible in my case to just fetch data from webscripts and display it in our JSP pages?

Or is there any other API available like Filenet Java API so that I have to just change API calls in my struts application?