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Web project development and WCM

Question asked by jukka on Feb 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2008 by pmonks

It is often mentioned that with Alfresco you should use your favorite IDE as usual when. How ever, could someone share their experience on how they have set up tools like IDE (Netbeans, Eclipse, JBuilder etc.) or Ant/Maven to work together with WCM when it comes to developing your webapp and using WCM to manage changes, deployments, content repo etc.

Take the following scenario for example:

- a version control system (e.g. CVS) is typically used to store your project
- you use Maven/Ant (with or without IDE) to build your project
- you'd like to use WCM to handle your change sets to the web project and deploy changes to production site(s)

So the question is: how to keep working with your favorite tools and add WCM into the cycle to better manage e.g. the deployment process - without introducing a huge overhead? Practical examples please.