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Client-IP address

Question asked by webdesigner on Apr 24, 2009
Hello All,

I have a strange use-case but my customer want it so.

He had to different network segments and want to see in a Alfresco share dashboard from which segement the client has been connected.


Du I have a possiblity to get client IP-Address from Share-Dashboard Java Script?

I've checked with debugger all root scope objects (remote, context, instance etc.) but didn't find it.

I tried to use a Java backend Webscript BUT, the problem is, that is only possible to do it on alfresco repository side (in /alfresco webapp) and IP-Address that I get there (reading from WebScriptRequest param), is the IP-address from Alfresco-Server,
bacause the call is made by share itself.

Thanks in advance
for your help

Best regards