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Customization of the Office add-in to fit with Share?

Question asked by gronfelt on Apr 24, 2009
Is it possible to do any customization of the Office Add-in to adapt it better to the Share concept of sites instead of spaces?

The issue I wan't to adress is that when a user selects the Browsing tab, he or she will by default end up in the Company Home (company root space), to get to his or her sites, the user will have to go into Sites first. Ok, admittedly it could be worse, however it would look much better if the user was taken directly to the Sites and I believe it would be less confusing to the user. If one could also change some of the labels to better match the terminology of Share it would look even better.

As far as I can tell, the Alfresco pane is just a webpage, so I guess i should be possible to edit the source code, but where are the appropriate files located?

I know that development of the add-in has been put to rest since the release of the SharePoint Protocol support, however, since I'm not able to use SPP with multi-tenancy (as described in other threads), I seem to be stuck with the add-in for a while longer.