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action with parameter?

Question asked by roman on Feb 15, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2008 by roman
hey folkz,

hope i can get an answer:

i need an entry in the menu more actions to start a wizard…
this is no problem. but i would like to have this action with parameters.
there will be more action entries in that which start the same wizard
but different functionality, depending on which parameter passed.

please tell me, what is it good for (the params tag)?:

<action id="custom_upload">
      <permission allow="true">Write</permission>
      <param name="id">#{}</param>

and what is this actionContext?
can i pass my own parameter like:
      <param name="myparam">test</param>

and where can i get them in the bean?
init(params)? i've tried it, but i receive params=null

please help

best regards