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Running multiple instances of Alfresco?

Question asked by gronfelt on Apr 27, 2009
Latest reply on May 5, 2009 by scottf
I'm about to set up an environment with multiple instances of Alfresco/Tomcat running side by side and would like to know if anyone has done this succesfully. In that case it would be nice to learn about any pitfalls along the road.

My approach would be to copy an existing installation (i.e. /opt/Alfresco –> /opt/Alfresco1) and create a new DB (alfresco1 for instance). Then set Alfresco home dir to /opt/Alfresco1 and point Alfresco to the new DB (alfresco1). Tomcat will be configured to use another port than 8080.

Would this be enough to avoid conflicts between the instances?

Another question: The SharePoint Protocol uses port 7070 per default, where could this be configured, so that the SPP is pointed to the right instance?

(Multi-tenancy is not an option at the moment, because of the lack of Share support.)