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Support for XMPP?

Question asked by samuel.penn on Feb 17, 2008
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Hi all,

I'm currently having a play with Alfresco 2.9B, and I notice that it has some support for IM presence information. However, this seems to be currently limited to Skype and Yahoo. Are there any plans to support XMPP in the near future? If so, is there a timeframe for this?

Given that XMPP is open and free, and Alfresco seems to be aimed towards supporting open standards, was there any reason not to include XMPP support initially, or was it just the case that none of the developers use it so didn't think about supporting it?

I also notice the forum software doesn't allow you to specific an XMPP id… :-(

Sam (who's only ever used XMPP for IM, unless you include the old UNIX talk application).