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Need help replacing a Sharepoint document repository

Question asked by pdinoto on Apr 27, 2009
Hello Alfresco community,

I installed Alfresco 3.1 community for the first time 4 weeks ago. So far, i am learning a lot.

The reason for this Alfresco install is to replace -with joy- a SharePoint install where people submit files to a repository (.xls files mostly) and someone (me, in this case) checks periodically for new files and act upon them. Once worked on, I flag the files as "done" and point to a processed result. In Sharepoint, that is a simple document repository with a couple of added fields ("Done" [a text] and "Result" [a clickable URL]). No fancy workflow. Just a default view with choosen fields.

I am failing miserably to mimic that on Alfresco Share. So far, I created a site, and have two users that can edit wiki pages in it.
But when I try to start uploading documents, neither one can (not even the site creator). After pressing "Upload" a dialog appears with
"No files to display, click icon to select file(s) to upload", but no icons. Just two button on the bottom, "Upload File(s)" and "Cancel". The former is disabled.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated!