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Troubleshooting a CIFS Oddity

Question asked by cyber-wizard on Feb 18, 2008
We've been running Alfresco Community V2.1.0 on a SLES 10 box for a few months now with excellent results. We've really only had a select few of our staff using it and now we're preparing to make it's usage more widespread.

All of our users log in to the Web Interface via NTLM against our AD server. I've configured NTLM Passthrough for CIFS and that is working for the vast majority of users. Now that we're expanding the user base, I've found 4 machines that cannot access the CIFS share. Three of these machines are running XP SP2 (as are all of our workstations) and the 4th is one of our servers running 2000 SP4.

I can log into one of our 2000 SP4 servers using my domain account and access the CIFS share without any issues. If I log out of that server and login at the Win2000 server that's causing me problems, I get prompted for a username and password when I access the CIFS share. I've tried every variation I can think of to use as a network password, (username, DOMAIN\username, etc)  but I can't connect. The same holds true for the other 4 machines that are causing the problem.

I feel quite certain that I'm looking at a configuration issue but I'm really stumped as to why it's only affecting 4 PC's out of 60-70.

If anybody can tell me what I've done I would greatly appreciate it.