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Running Alfresco as a windows service

Question asked by chiranjeevi on Apr 29, 2009
Hi Friends,
    I have added alfresco as a windows service.

   I am using Alfresco 3.0

       Database : MySql
       OS : Windows XP
       Application server : Tomcat 6

   When i start the service it's running, after that service is stopping automatically.

   I have used the below cmds…

     tomcat6.exe //US//alfresco –DisplayName "Alfresco Server"
    tomcat6.exe //US//alfresco –JvmMs=256 –JvmMx=1024 –JvmSs=64
    tomcat6.exe //US//alfresco –JavaHome=C:\chordiant\apps\bea\jdk150_12
    tomcat6.exe //US//alfresco –Environment ALF_HOME=c:\alfresco\
    tomcat6.exe //US//alfresco –Environment PATH=c:\alfresco\bin;%PATH%
    tomcat6.exe //US//alfresco –StartPath c:\alfresco –Startup auto

       can any one help me in this issue?