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[Lucene] How to query if a document has content

Question asked by eolith on Apr 29, 2009

I have 2 docs in the same space. One of them has content and the other has no content at all.

Doc #1 (from Node Browser, node properties table):
{}content -> contentUrl=store://2009/4/28/16/50/f32c81a4-3403-11de-a5ab-b3beb9da47fe.bin|mimetype=application/vnd.excel|size=19968|encoding=UTF-8|locale=en_US_

Doc #2 has no table entry for the content property.

How can I query (using a lucene query string) if a node has content? I need to get only documents with content with a Lucene Query.

Thanks a lot for your valuable help.