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Deployment Module Not Installed with WCM Apparently

Question asked by ian_citti on Feb 19, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2008 by ian_citti

I'm pretty new to alfresco, but my company just purchased a license, and so I downloaded the Enterprise "combined" version 2.1.1 with the tomcat bundle.

This is a local install on my MacBook - Mac OS X 10.4.11 "Tiger". I went through additional configuration steps to get the meta data storage to work with MySQL. I cannot remember if I did anything additional to get the "Web Projects" feature working (perhaps this was out-of-the-box, can't recall).

So it runs and I can log in and all that. But when I "Edit Web Project Settings", I should see a wizard step devoted to editing Deployment, or Deployment Configuration, or some such feature. I do not see this at all. So I have Web Projects, but no Deployment capabilities.

Is Deployment installed as separate plugin or something? Or perhaps there are additional configuration steps required? Or is there perhaps a setting that I am required to adjust as an admin user to enable deployment management?

Any help on this would be great.