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Invalid workflow store Reference

Question asked by rockycres on Apr 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 14, 2009 by rockycres
Hi All,

I am encountering an issue of invalid nodereference when files are submitted for the web project via the workflow.

1.Created the web project.
2.Created the web form & associated it with the web project.
3.Created the content with the web form & submitted via the workflow .

In the node browser,temporary store reference is created ( avm://www–workflow-2a7f6089-cef7-4842-ade9-26211ea92b86 ) , when I loop through the child nodes ,I can see the file( test.xml ) I submitted.


When workflow is fully completed . temporary store reference is removed and the file gets added to avm store.

Now in the node browser again, under avm://www store reference , when I loop through the child nodes ,I can see the file( test.xml ) I submitted.


Here is the issue,

Now when I submit a new file (test2.xml) following the same process and when I see the node browser before the

temporary store reference is created for the current WF ( avm://www–workflow-567e49cb-767c-4341-95aa-2ddf4288bcaa ) , when I loop through the child nodes ,I can see the files( test.xml , test2.xml)..


Why the file which was submitted earlier (test.xml) is associated with the current Workflow.This intermediate temporary WF storerefence should not be having the file which are already submitted and gone to avm store..

This happen everytime,all the files which are avm(files assoiated with the completed WF ) are added to the  intermediate temporary WF storerefence.

Is this a bug..?

Any help is appreciated…