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SWF files does not open in Alfresco Share Preview

Question asked by sselvan on Apr 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2010 by stevegreenbaum
I uploaded a (Shockware Flash) SWF file into Alfresco Share and tried to see the preview. The file does not get previewed, instead it shows -

"This document can't be previewed. Click here to download it."

I am shocked to see - Alfresco Share does not support SWF files in the preview, while it converts all the files(PDF, Doc etc.,) to SWF to preview?
Am I missing something? Please help me!!!

By the way, I am able to open the same in Alfresco (not in SHARE).
In other hand, I am able to preview all other files like PDF and Doc etc., in the Share preview…