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Fix for Dreamweaver version history error

Question asked by timlterry on Feb 20, 2008
Hi folks,
Does anyone have a fix for Dreamweaver 8 (tried with CS3 and it did the same thing) messing with the version history of files in the Alfresco WCM system?  I use CIFS to connect to the repository and edit a file.  When I save the file the file is marked as changed in Alfresco 2.9 and I submit it to the work flow.  However, the version number almost always gets set to version 2.  I can have many copies of the file in my version history, each numbered 2 with different time/date stamps.  This does not always happen.  I have had the file go from version 3, 4, 5 and then to 2 and stay at 2.  I tried Dreamweaver via FTP and that removed the version history altogether.  I have not been able to connect to the WCM system by WebDav.