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Content rule NOT trigger an assciations update.

Question asked by joksy on Apr 30, 2009
Hi Guys,

I see just now a Big problem in content rule, for better explanation i will give you my scenario.

I have create a js file which extract some meta-data (the property of my customModel.xml) and add them to the content itself.
So at this point i want to use the content rule for trigger this script, in fact i set up 2 rules
    1) when a content is created(InBound) the script take all the property and put them in the content itself
    2) when a content is updated(Update) the script ""
The problem raise in the second point. If i modify some content property the rule are trigger, on the other hand if i modify only associations the rule do not start…
I m not able to decide if it is an issue because the content is updated, or i miss somethings somewhere.

Someone of you have an idea?? thanks a lot.

Best Regards.